Friday, January 14, 2011

Why didn’t I think of that?


Don’t touch that!  Put that back!  Leave that alone!

These are words that are common to my weekly sayings.  Without a doubt, kids love touching things!  So it’s important to be able to bring one of their favorite past times to the learning table.  Tactile learning has always been a great way to enlighten children.  It’s especially helpful when teaching children to write their letters.

The kids have always loved to play in the flour after I’ve made homemade bread or cinnamon rolls, but it made quite a mess.  So yesterday when I was reading about another homeschooling family and their tactile learning, I saw them using a great resource.  Their cookie sheets!  They put the flour in those and then were practicing their letters, etc.  Brilliant!

playingwithflour1 playingwithflour2 playingwithflour3 playingwithflour5 They had loved it and the mess is kept to a minimum!  The very first picture in this post was of Judah burying his beloved toy, Hercules.  The options of things that they can (will) do are endless!  Now they are using spoons to scoop and move the flour around their trays.  And I’m feelin’ like heading to the kitchen to try out a new cinnamon roll recipe!

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