Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Song of the Month - Love Is Not A Fight

An iPod - one of my favorite Christmas gifts ever.  A device that allows me to listen to hundreds of songs whenever I please is absolutely wonderful!

I love music and it's ability to change the atmosphere and attitudes around us.  Music makes us feel good, it encourages us and makes us think.  That's why I've decided to share a song with you each month.  A song that has spoken to me, has a great message or has gotten me through a trying time.  I believe that what we listen to can have a powerful effect on our outlook and how we view things.

This particular song was brought to my attention by my husband.  He pointed it out to me on an app that he has on his phone.  Then when I was looking it up later, I found out it was from the movie Fireproof (that's why it sounded so familiar!).

But it has a powerful message.  We all come in contact with people who have experienced broken relationships and I don't think we can remind ourselves too much that 'love is not a fight, it's something worth fighting for.'

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