Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some things you just don't want to forget...

Their goofy expressions and sweet smiles

Their ability to sit still for mere moments

That they can always do that which you asked someone else to do and do it so well

 Participation is sometimes optional

That 4 kids under the age of 5 1/2 will never cooperate at the same time

That my son has worn his snow boots everyday for at least seven weeks, almost before the first snowfall

That they all have a sweet side

Presents for 4 kids create enough mess to have me picking up small things off of the carpet for the rest of the day!

That one year they'll look like this...

And 12 months later look like this!

This day started out around 6:45 am.  Hosanna and Judah burst into our room this morning proclaiming that Santa had come and there were presents under the tree.  "And I didn't even hear any sleigh bells!" she added.

Last night before they went to bed, we told them when they woke up in the morning they would find presents and they weren't to touch them.  They could however, play with the toys that were on the table, which they received last night at their grandparent's house.

That plan was genius.  It bought me about an hour and 15 minutes this morning, although last night I was silently cursing the toy company that thinks it's necessary to attach anything to a box using 29 plastic ties and 2 screws!  Honestly.

We had a relaxing day today and ate ham, candied sweet potatoes, stuffing and rolls for dinner.  Although tearing them away from their new treasures to head to bed proved a little more difficult than usual, they were tired from the excitement of the holidays.

I was tucking Zoe (who insisted on wearing her dress up shoes to bed) into her bed, she said, "I need Jesus!"  Which, for a while we had been singing 'Jesus Loves Me' to her before bed, but haven't recently.  But it made me laugh to hear her say that and it gently reminded me that we should all be saying that before we hit the sheets at night.  She then requested that I sing her latest favorite song, Awesome God. 

We are thankful tonight for our MANY blessings and the biggest blessing of all, that Our Father God sent His Son for us!