Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting a word in edgewise

There are many times when Judah tries to get a word in around here and he just can't. He has honestly said to Hosanna before, "Stop talking!" in a very loud, impatient way - just because she goes on and on and he feels like he doesn't get a turn to speak. So when she isn't here, it gives me a chance to REALLY listen to him. He's pretty funny.

The other night Jeremy was sitting on the couch and Judah walks up to him and says, "Dad, can I have some money?" I was right in the other room and I just laughed out loud. I had a fast-forward-about-12-years moment and could just see him standing there as a teenager. It was hilarious. He was actually asking for some change to put in his pocket to play with.

The next evening Jeremy asked him if he wanted to play a game on the TV with him. We have an 'old-school' Nintendo machine. While he was hooking it up, Judah came into the kitchen and said, "Mom, Dad's gonna teach me how to play the 'deo game." It took me a minute to translate that meant video game. He was so excited and he said it about 5 more times.

He was playing yesterday and was counting down. It went like this, "Ready? 6....5....awesome!" That was such a 'boy' to say something like that.

All day long yesterday, we heard the partially thawing ice falling from the trees. At lunch, Judah asked me what that noise was. I told him it was the ice and trees outside. He said, "Oh, you mean in the forest?" It's funny to me how his little mind works, because I was talking about trees they are automatically part of the forest.

I was making some Cheerio Treats and he asked to help me. It was kind of a hard thing for him to help me with, he had a spoon that had some of the yumminess on it, which he licked off and asked for more. I said that he had to wait until I made all of the treats, so he asked me another 12 times for more. Of course, preschoolers can't wait a single second. I kept telling him to wait. Finally, he says, "My stomach is really hungry, can I have some more now?" As if his hunger would change my mind!

We are constantly putting lotion on Judah because his skin is pretty dry, so every time he sees some, he wants some. I had given him some and turned around to do something else. He gets in my face a minute later, smacks his cheeks and says, "Look Mom, I'm pretty!" with a huge grin. He definitely has an older sister!

I enjoyed my day with only one child that could speak in full sentences and I'm sure he enjoyed being able to be heard.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's January 2010...

Actually, January 19th - if anyone's keeping track - and I have yet to do a lot of things on this here B L O G.

I've been harassed by my sister to get this thing up to date - you know adding things like Halloween, Christmas and, most importantly, the birth of our 4TH CHILD were on my list of things I would have loved to have blogged about at the end of the year and never got around to.

But lately I've been thinking about it and decided maybe I need to get around to getting up to date, partly because I miss documenting parts of our lives and sharing recipes or the funny happenings and partly because blogging is an outlet - something I need in the midst of the chaos.

So I'm going to work on it. I was attempting the upload a few pictures to whet your appetite for what's to come, but it's not cooperating so that's all for now. I'll be back soon.