Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She calls them the princess-es

There are toys...

and there are TOYS

With 4 children in this family, we got plenty.  This is one that has been enjoyed over and over.

These are Disney Princess Favorite Moments Dolls.  They aren't very big, which is good (they don't take up much space) and bad (a possible choking hazard).  So at our house they can only be played with at the dining room table and must be put away when you are finished playing with them.

These dolls can be purchased individually or in sets.  Hosanna has some individuals and the Tiana set, which has a prince and horse with carriage.  Their little clothes are rubbery and can be difficult for the kids to get on and off.  They have also ripped certain pieces of clothing right in half.  Yes, I said they...all of them (except for Shiloh) enjoy playing with them. 

Overall, these are toys that the kids have asked over and over to play with.  They love them.  These princess' have slept in barns, rode on buses and been covered in Play Doh.  They are versatile and keep the kids captivated and using their imagination.

Quote of the Day: (while playing with these princess')
"They choosed not to get married 'cause it was way past their bedtime."

In other news: This little lady is 13 months old today.  My, how time flies!

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid to say this. It's just a post about some toys we enjoy around here.

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