Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thumbs Up!


It all started last fall…Judah was attending a tumbling class and he had done a somersault, jumped up from the mat, looked at his dad on the sidelines and gave him a huge thumbs up.  So, ever since then, it has been a means of encouragement around our house.  When the kids are trying to show me something that they’re doing, I can show my approval by giving a thumbs up.

About a month ago, during our homeschool lessons, I gave Hosanna a thumbs up regarding what she was working on.  She gave me one in return and took it a step further.

thumbsup2 She gave me what she called ‘a high five thumb’.  A smaller version of a high five…so cute.

And another time, it was this:thumbsup3 ‘A hug thumb’ – an even sweeter way to give a thumbs up.

These are just a few ways we demonstrate encouragement at our house.  We all need it and it’s especially important to give kids a thumbs up to reinforce their positive behavior.

Give someone a thumbs up today…add a high five thumb or a hug thumb if you’re so inclined!

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Katrina said...

SO cute!!! That would be so fun to give them a thumbs up, a thumb high five or a thumb hug when I saw them next...Your kids are SO missed by me.