Thursday, February 19, 2009

You just never know...

This morning Judah did three things that surprised me (all before 10 am!)

I've never heard that before! - I was walking out of the room and he said, "Wait." It was very clear and it touched my little heart. Speaking of, when we got downstairs, he saw a picture of a heart and that's what he called it (he has cared nothing for shapes before this).

Fill in the blank - I was counting. Pretty fast I said, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5." And he looked at me and said, "Six."

I'm a big kid too - Hosanna was using the bathroom and had hollered for help with the toilet paper. Judah went up to help her reach it. After a few moments, it got a little quiet. I went to check things out...I opened the door and there's Judah sitting on the toilet, with no clothes or diaper on. He said, "Potty!" He didn't actually go, but there's nothing wrong with a little interest from the child! After that he proceeded to wear training pants - he calls them 'un-ies' - over his diaper for the rest of the day.

These are just a couple of things that I wanted to share with you about my alwyas growin' and ever-changing son. We are loving the ages and stages right now!

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Elise said...

Ahhh... growing up so fast!