Sunday, February 1, 2009

Absolutely INCREDIBLE!

That would be my description of last Friday night. We saw Israel Houghton and Chris Tomlin in concert. It was awesome!

We got to our hotel early and got ready. We went to the hotel restaurant to have dinner. Who came off of the elevator at about that time? None other than Israel Houghton himself!!! I couldn't believe it! He and his family came and sat at the table next to us. Jeremy told me to go over and talk to him - yeah right - I had no idea what to say. So we just sat there.

It turns out that Jeremy 'happened' to run into him in the bathroom. He said hi to him, told him what a huge fan I am and that Hosanna sings "let the deedemed of the Lord say so" all of the time.

We had a blast at the concert and I, of course, bought a t-shirt. Israel is coming out with a new CD on March 24. You can listen to his new single by clicking here. His music definitely blesses our family.

The Chris Tomlin portion of the concert was equally inspiring. He talked about this website where you can help in making a difference around the world. I was surprised to see such a wide variety of people at this concert. It was encouraging to see a couple in their 60s getting just as excited about worshiping the Lord as the college-aged kids sitting right in front of them.

Jeremy and I really enjoyed ourselves. We returned home refreshed and ready to see the kids. Zoe was especially glad to see me, she didn't eat very well while I was away.

We now look forward to mid-April when Jeremy's all-time favorite - Third Day - is in town, he is definitely planning to go to their concert.

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