Friday, February 6, 2009

Silence is golden

We just got back inside a short time ago. With a high in the 40s today, my sister, Kate, and I decided to go for a walk...with all 5 children. So after lunch, we put coats on and loaded up the strollers, I carried Zoe strapped on my front.

After pushing through the wet sidewalks, we made our way onto the street of our quiet neighborhood. The first part was uphill, so Kate and I were working pretty hard. After turning the corner and heading downhill (thank goodness!), we were enjoying the bright sunshine and a slight breeze on our cheeks. It is a beautiful day.

We went a little further and all of a sudden it occurred to us - all of the children are silent, which if you knew any of them, together or apart, this is a true miracle. The only peep that we heard was when someone needed their nose wiped or when Hosanna dropped her kleenex in the street.

The children, ages 3 1/2, two 2 year olds, a 9 mo. old and a 5 mo. old, were still and relaxed. The fresh air was doing wonders to remind us that spring is somewhere in our future. And it brought me to the realization that the great outdoors is soothing and pacifying no matter how old you are.

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