Monday, April 6, 2009

Three things from today

First of all, what is sweeter than a chunky, smiling, brown-eyed, dimple-faced girl with wristless arms? Not much if you ask me! We met Jeremy at the mall for lunch today, Zoe was getting antsy in her seat. When Jeremy lifted her out of the seat, she smiled SUPER big and pretty much clapped her hands.

Judah has just recently learned how to say 'Love you.' Yesterday and today, pretty much out of nowhere, he told Jeremy a couple of times, "Love you daddy." Well, today he and Hosanna sat at the table to do some water color paints. He looked over at her and said, "Love you, Sanna." It was very sweet!

Okay, so I had one thing in mind to write for Hosanna and then I thought of this is kind of a two-fer. 1) While we were at the mall, she was practically skipping around singing, "Ding dong, the witch is dead." That was pretty funny since I could understand what she was saying after the ding dong part. As for the other mall patrons, I'm not sure what they thought she was singing about. (She's been watching the Wizard of Oz.) 2) Tonight I fed her and Judah before Jeremy got home from work. I put their food in front of them and walked away from the table to do something else. She turns to him and says, "Okay Judah, let's pray." She bowed her head and said a prayer over their dinner.

These are three things I want to remember from today. For the most part, we are enjoying today's ages and stages...

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