Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The escape

I was at the hospital on Monday morning with my sister. That meant that Dad was on duty...does anyone know what that really means? Here's a prime example:

Jeremy had put Zoe down for a nap and taken Hosanna and Judah outside to play for a while. After they came inside, he turned on the TV for them and went upstairs for a minute. He came downstairs and they weren't anywhere to be found...the front door was open.

He ran outside and down to the corner. No sign of them. He went the other way toward my sister's house, the sidewalk was empty. He ran back to the house to look again. Then it hit him - the park! So he took off for the park (only about a block and a half from our house). Mind you, it is 55 degrees outside and windy, he is only wearing basketball shorts, no shirt and no shoes.

At the park, he finds them trying to climb the trees that they never have permission to climb. There were a couple of ladies there, as well as a cop. After answering a few questions from the cop, he walked them back home.

In all honesty, we are thankful for their safety, at that time of day there isn't much traffic on our street. And hopefully, they understood that they are NEVER to go out the door alone again! I know it seems questionable whether the two children pictured above could cause such a panic...but they did.

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