Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year!

Looking forward to a new year... HA... those are hardly the words to describe it. I think something Hosanna did Christmas morning is a stark illustration of how I feel about this coming new year. Early Christmas morning Hosanna gets up before mom and dad, makes her way down the stairs & begins to unwrap every present under the tree as if they were all hers. As mom finds her sitting among the wrapping paper which so vehemently kept her from the knowledge of what lay inside each package Hosanna looks at her and declares, "Christmas Is Here!". The avid anticipation which overtook her that morning... that wouldn't allow her to waste another moment wondering "when" or "what if"... that anticipation that compelled her & every other child on Christmas morning to "take action" is what I pray ALL of us feel heading into this new year! To take action... to step out with the confidence, faith and grace that God himself has gifted to ALL of us! To give no notion to thoughts of "what if we fail" or "what will people think if it doesn't go as planned".... absolutely NOT - I'm taking my family into this new year just like Hosanna threw caution to the wind and took what was gifted to her (& then some)... & just like her declare unapologetically "Christmas Is Here!"...... Our New Year Is Here & it's begging us to attack it like we attacked our presents this Christmas! There is no more that can be done about last year - that book has already been written & sealed in our history... learn from it, yes of course, but I'm more interested in what I am able to accomplish today and am gleaming with the avid anticipation of what our family can accomplish tomorrow!

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