Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Peanut Butter Bandit

On a Sunday morning a couple of weeks back, the baby had woken up particularly early - I went to get her and met Hosanna in the hallway. She was going into her room. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: What are you doing?
Her: Going back to bed.
(I smelled peanut butter.)
Me: Have you been eating peanut butter?
(She hastily wiped her mouth with her fingers, as if I could see her lips in the near darkness.)
Her: Well, I didn't eat much dinner last night, so yeah, I was eating peanut butter.
Me: Go back to bed and be quiet.

I was laughing so hard. I had to remind myself to be quiet.

Awhile later, when we were all awake, I looked in the kitchen sink to see what she may have used to eat the peanut butter. I didn't see anything.

Me: Where's the spoon you used for the peanut butter?
Her: I put it back.
Me: Well, did you clean it off?
Her: Yeah...with my tongue.
(Of course, the obvious answer - why hadn't I thought of that?)

Still later, I was getting someone dressed and Hosanna came up to me.

Her: Mom, I gotta tell you something else, I think you're going to be mad. But I hope not.
Me: Ok, what is it?
(She brought her stuffed dog, Sally, over to me.)
Her: I got some peanut butter on Sally, it got on my arm and I wiped it on her. I hope you're not mad.
Me: Well, you'll have to clean her off.

Hours later, I was sitting in the dining room and Hosanna came and sat beside me.

Her: I need to tell you something. I didn't tell you what really happened to Sally.
Me: Ok. What happened?
Her: Well, I actually used her to wipe the spoon on. That's how she really got peanut butter on her.

And the truth came out.

All in all, it was quite the morning. At breakfast, Judah decided that he wanted Shiloh to sit closer to him and he pulled her high chair as close as he could. He was eating his Fruity Cheerios and she reached over, grabbed the bowl and dumped it all over him and the floor. Great.

Soon after, I was making oatmeal for Zoe, went to put in my usual cinnamon and the lid came off and I ended up with a whole pile in the bowl instead of the sprinklin' I was going for.

Thankfully, we pulled it together and got to church.

Sunday is by far the craziest day of the week for this family!

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