Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The View...

from the front window on this really-nice-play-outside-kind of afternoon:

 A five year old riding on a toddler bike  
while pulling a doll stroller that was holding a pumpkin.

 Here she is again waving when she realized I was taking her picture. 
Yes, she's wearing a dress, purple leopard print leggings and Nikes.

 Her brother is wearing shorts, snow boots and riding her bike
which he claims is his own.  
These three are quite the trio.

 Her younger sister, who has been in constant need of having her nose wiped 
all day long, and stubbornly insists that her name is "Me" not Zoe.

All the while, Shiloh stands inside longing for this time next year 
when she can join the ranks of her bike riding siblings.

1 comment:

Katrina said...

oh my!!! they are all getting so big! miss you guys!