Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Latest Adventure

We began school last month - homeschool that is.

For Hosanna's kindergarten year, I chose to do a curriculum called My Father's World.  I liked this particular program because it's a unit study, meaning there's 26 units that revolve around a subject (i.e. the sun, leaves, apples) and you are teaching math, language arts, writing, science and Bible for 6 days.  And then the subject changes.  So far it's working out well.

With homeschooling, there's always room for extra activities, especially ones that interest the student.  The kids get Highlights Magazine for Preschoolers. While reading it, Hosanna spotted a craft and she asked me if we could make it.  I was trying to figure out when and how it would work out.  She asked me for at least a week.

Finally, today I had a brilliant moment and this is what we came up with.  The original craft used cardboard and fabric to make stick-like figures and cats.  We used a shirt gift box, like the one pictured at the top of this post and colored paper to make the clothes.

While I was cutting out the pieces, I was asking Hosanna questions like how many arms did each 'human' (that's what they called them) need.  Then she glued them on and chose the color of paper that we made their outfits out of.

We are talking about the sound the letter s makes, so skirt and shirt were perfect to practice working on these sounds.  She colored flowers on the clothes and later said we needed to give the cats 'style' - so she colored them.

A cat

The 'humans'
This was a great activity for both of them.  And I believe we'll be elaborating further with hair, socks and shoes.

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Katrina said...

lovely!!! sounds like a lovely project to expand on through-out your week, month, year. miss your kids and you too!